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Artist - Music - Dj Apps

Taxi Service & Transportation

Events - Lounges - Nightclubs

Live Video Streaming

Restaurants & Catering

Fashion / Trends

Beauty and More


Car Wash Service

Radio Streaming

Realtors / Mortgage

Car Sales / Dealerships

Step #1

Together we can narrow down the features that best works for you and that provides solutions to your business or brand.

Step #2

Durisimo App Store will create a clean, clear and unique design and framework of your mobile app, with your company’s image in mind.

Step #3

(DAS) will provide you with Pre-launch iOS and Android preview for your review to ensure it meets client standards.

Step #4

After official preview has been approved, Durisimo App Store will publish your mobile app to both Google Play & The Apple Store for approval.

Mobilize Your Business Or Brand

Durisimo App Store specializes in custom mobile app and web developments for all business industries. We also include a free splash website with all premium purchases.

Why Choose Us

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Durisimo App Store Is a full professional app development team with a customer-oriented approach. We create native mobile applications for iPhone, iPads, Tablets and Android devices. As direct app developers, we provide a wide range of specialized and custom service to all business industries or individual brands.

Great Design And User Friendly:

Durisimo App Store offers clean, clear and unique print ready and web ready designs with your company’s image in mind. Whether you are interested in marketing brochures, flyers, newsletters, direct mail pieces or point-of-purchase designs, we strive to create your vision.

We Create a mobile app You’re Proud Of!

Our robust control panels gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your app presence exactly the way you want.

Mobilize your Brand

Whether you’re promoting your business, showcasing your work, opening your store or starting a blog—we can do it all.

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